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out of all your cool stashboxes, which one is your favorite?

out of all your cool stashboxes, which one is your favorite?

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  4. chandlerskye answered: i got one of those. ><
  5. packupthedank answered: i have that same one haha
  6. oceanwhale answered: super mario star shaped candy tin thing
  7. prettynameforaknot answered: i do the same thaaang, with my red one ^__^
  8. touchmy-paynis answered: no.
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    my stashbox would be like this. but instead i have a old school diana camera ;)
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  12. iheartnly answered: A little vintage tin can that I stole from my grandma C;
  13. flightlessbirdamericanm0uth answered: I think stoners are all losers and they take cute, little girly things and pervert them.
  14. nikikonopka answered: the invader zim one.
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  18. autterrr answered: the buried box in the woods
  19. katecu answered: mines in a little bag i got from greece, i love it because it holds all my stoner shit like eyedrops, pipe, (weed), lighter, and spray hahaha
  20. daysofcollapse answered: FUCKYEAH. (:
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    hahaha, this is actually exactly the same as the hello kitty box i keep mine in!
  24. zingrz answered: one made of redwood tree that i Swiped from the Muir woods gift shop out side san fran, YOINK!
  25. lustrousaura answered: My winnie the poo stashbox!
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  27. cayalyte answered: my pocket kite
  28. dead-linegemini answered: I have a mario star one!!!! :D
  29. starshipn7201u answered: Led Zeppelin tin
  30. rkbdlr answered: i keep my weed in one of those little magnetic key boxes under my car, safe and sound from the cops haha
  31. juliaakiho answered: My sister had hers in a blue one too!
  32. skinspecimen answered: My pokeball.
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    I have this, but with a green bow and it stashes my nug as well.
  34. purpgiraffe answered: took the batteries out of a flashlight and kept it in there
  35. icantbelieveikilledgod answered: The one I made in ceramics class that has a secret inner compartment I made and my teacher just laughed and threw it in the kiln.