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yes or no - ever use a vaporizer?

yes or no - ever use a vaporizer?

  1. chickpeasgreenbeans answered: yessssssssssssssssssss
  2. palatialxregalia answered: iolite = jesus.
  3. wastelife answered: no):
  4. golfwangcuntttt answered: yesss, loved it.
  5. ehehrunaway answered: yesssss
  6. thekotavirus answered: a crappy one.
  7. suprachiasmatic answered: Y E S
  8. rollingcloudless answered: YES.
  9. diosaodiosa answered: yes
  10. sashagreytomandoumdrink answered: Wish I had one
  11. alisonkeller answered: Yes it was the first time i got high, too..had me making pictures outof lines in the wall, then i sat on my friends bed and drew for hoouuurs
  12. beep2890 answered: yeah
  13. popsiclepowow answered: as much as possible
  14. im-the-big-bad-wolf answered: I have but its not my fave though
  15. vaporizerkits answered: yup, it’s the better alternative!
  16. lunar-0ctopus answered: Mhmmm. :)
  17. savagexxunforgiven answered: Yes! Such a strong, clear high. It was nice.
  18. dephap answered: no
  19. hotchagirls answered: yessir
  20. throughthebathroomwindow answered: electronic.
  21. mindfckd answered: yes
  22. theremixbaby answered: vape is the way to smoke!
  23. lifeandtimes420 answered: occasionally, if you use it all the time it loses it’s spark
  24. beforezero answered: nope
  25. thedankreject answered: volcano all dai.
  26. progressivemind answered: yeh but not one like that
  27. nemracbackwards answered: yes
  28. hippieshugtrees answered: Yes! So goooood.
  29. camohotti answered: you bet your balls i do.
  30. easyybreezyy answered: yes
  31. asaucerfulofcinema answered: A lot
  32. scrotumcoat answered: yes ..
  33. taylorblaistaylor answered: yes
  34. niseikodice answered: no, never
  35. killyoursons answered: yes
  36. infinitebeards answered: yes
  37. jenny-lynn answered: YES!!!
  38. monsieurandy answered: yes. amazing!
  39. boolicus answered: no
  40. peacelovelivelife13 answered: not yet. :(
  41. laydee-lovely answered: volcano. guilty as charged.
  42. burnoutt answered: yup
  43. noconceptoftime answered: no
  44. bottomlessground answered: Yes I have one and its amazing<3
  45. coyotelips answered: Nah
  46. marvinleeeee answered: yes
  47. ibentmywookies answered: i have a vapy, i call it, master cylinder pants. saight.
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